Town Hall Event in Chania

8th November 2022

On Monday, 7th November 2022, Chania’s Town Hall Event was organised at the Center of Mediterranean Architecture (KAM), as part of VARCITIES’ co-creation process.

During this event, Chania’s pilot team presented the design process of the two visionary nature-based solutions, as well as an update on the different digital technologies (health and well-being platform, Go Nature game) that are developped as part of the project.

Participants were then invited to follow an on-site discussion to get better acquainted with the project and understand its progress. They were also invited to give their feedback on the different aspects: the latest designs of MULαR, Bicycle Sensors, Health & Well-Being Platform and Go Nature Game Experience.

At the core of VARCITIES, we believe that nature-based solutions are inevitably unique and context-specific. This is why the co-creation process together with local communities is an important aspect of our Project and it represents a key moment of participation.

Local Newspaper PolitikKritis covered the event: