D3.6: Reports on the sketched solutions

Work Package 3, led by Eurac Research, provides the common knowledge framework needed to achieve Visionary and integrated Solutions proposed by the VARCITIES project.

Specifically, within Task 3.3 “Sketch of a set of solutions based on multiple benefits approach (cost-effective solutions) linked to KPIs”, E2ARC, coordinated the partners responsible for each pilot (Pilot representatives & Pilot experts), guiding them through the coidentification and co-design process for the sketching of their Visionary Solutions.

Executive Summary

During the coidentification and the co-design phase of the VSs, the main issues, available funding, roles and responsibilities were defined, along with a first approach on governance. Initial business models were also drafted for the realisation of the Visionary Solutions into viable projects.

The results of the co-identification and co-creation process are the sketched Visionary Solutions reported and visualised in Deliverable 3.6. For every pilot, the site and the Masterplan (city’s actions) are introduced starting from the existing situation to the final concept for every visionary solution.

Deliverable 3.6 marks the completion of the co-identification and co-design phase for the VARCITIES pilots.

This is a public deliverable, you can download it below.

Download D3.6
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