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Novo mesto, Slovenia

The City

The Municipality of Novo mesto (Slovene: Mestna občina Novo mesto) is a municipality in South-Eastern Slovenia, close to the border of Croatia. There are approximately 36.000 people living in the municipality, with over 23,000 living in the town of Novo mesto, which is the seat of the municipal government. Novo mesto is the seventh largest town in Slovenia, and the Municipality of Novo mesto is one of the eleven Urban Municipalities in Slovenia.
Novo mesto is the administrative, economic, ecclesiastical, cultural, educational, medical, and sports centre of the Southeast Region of Slovenia. It is a hub of plentiful activities, going far beyond the regional framework. The municipality hosts large companies such as Krka, Revoz, Adria Mobil and TPV, as well as exceptionally successful industries in various sectors (such as pharmaceutical, automotive, construction, textile). That is why Novo mesto is called “the export capital of Slovenia”.

The pilot

The area of the sport and recreation park in Češča vas is located at the western part of Novo mesto, between the Temenica valley and the urban area of the town. It lies right next to Zaloška cesta, which is one of the entrances to Novo mesto. Technology park and the residential neighbourhood Podbreznik are situated in the immediate vicinity. In this rather degraded forest area, military facilities remained abandoned after 1991. An open velodrome was built in the south-eastern part of the area in the 1990s, which was renovated in 2018 into a covered multifunctional facility for cycling and athletics.
The Municipality of Novo mesto intends to build a comprehensive sports and recreation complex in this area, which will be used to cover the needs of both the residents of Novo mesto and the surrounding region, for active leisure. It will operate as an Olympic center with various contents for sports, recreation and education. One of the main development steps of Češča vas park will be the construction of a swimming pool complex with a 25-meter indoor pool, which will be located in the vicinity of the multifunctional hall, and will round off the future Olympic sports center. In the northern part of the park, facilities and arrangements for the needs of the equestrian center, motor experience park, camp and picnic area are planned, and in the western part there will be space for sports-recreational and related activities that are closer to nature and suitable for children, youth, the elderly, people with special needs, occasional visitors and walkers. In this way, the western part of the area is to be given the character of an educational centre for learning about nature and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.
VARCITIES will support the project in promoting phyisical activity, a healthier lifestyle and better quality of life for all citizens. The following actions will be financed and implemented:

  • Brownfield remediation and greening with indigenous plant species
  • Creation of sustainable forest trails
  • Interconnection among sport, recreational and therapeutic facilities
  • Integrated management of the facilities
  • IoT solutions for measuring the health and well-being of users and visitors.

The future city vision

With a seemingly stable demographic projection, depending on migration trends, the municipality faces a dispersed settlement pattern, which negatively affects the efficient provision of basic services and infrastructure. Such dispersed settlement patterns are also associated with negative outcomes in sustainability, economic productivity, climate change, and public health. Against this backdrop, the municipality has established strategic objectives to make the city smarter, more sustainable and inclusive, making it a place to stay and socialize in a regional, national and cross-border context.

VARCITIES project will contribute by increasing physical activity, recreation, relaxation and promoting healthier lifestyle and quality of life. In particular, the vision of the development of Češča vas sport and recreational centre is based on three main features:

  • ​A centre of healty lifestyle and movement that will offer opportunities to all generations in the natural environment and existing facilities.
  • An olympic sports centre​ with facilities for training and competition in swimming, cycling and athletics – with strong emphasis on life-long recreational activities.
  • A centre ​for the development of nature-based solutions to improve motoric skills and healthy living habits in youth and elderly population.

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