The vision of VARCITIES is to implement nature-based actions in cities. We help to establish sustainable models for increasing the health and well-being of citizens exposed to different climatic conditions and challenges.

Future-City Visions
Human Centred
Green Public Spaces
Smart & Resilient

Green Cities are Healthier Cities

VARCITIES is an ambitious project that acknowledges the complexity and the challenges of future cities. We set the target to advance innovation across different urban scales by fully exploiting nature-based solutions from a digital, social and cultural perspective.

Pilot Cities

The configuration of the project sees the development of seven applied exemplar pilots (seven European municipalities from different geographic and climate zones).
Pilot Cities

News & Events

2 Very productive days full of:
🔹excellent presentations
🔹 #HoloLenses
🔹 #workshops
🔹 #3D sites
🔹shooting cannons
The project is progressing well, but the VARCITIES story is not even half way there. Stay tuned for all the great things coming up 👉 https://t.co/ciktlUHrOx https://t.co/WSDVGYA7T2
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Project Deliverables

VARCITIES project is structured in 9 different Work Packages. Each Work Package includes a series of tasks and deliverables which are implemented by specific project partners according to their knowledge and skills.

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VARCITIES is a project funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. Telecommunication Systems Institute (part of Technical University of Crete) leads the consortium together with other 23 partners. These include also the seven municipalities which are the Pilot Cities of the project.

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